Portable Cattle Scales

Portable Cattle Scales

Continuous Weighing

Durable, Reliable Cattle Scales Delivering Precise Results every time!

Modern livestock management is made easy! Welcome to Scale Sale and Services, we bring you reliable cattle scales to meet all your livestock weighing needs. Are you a farmer, veterinarian, and agribusiness professional? This is your one-stop shop!  Our range of high-quality scales ensures accurate and efficient livestock management.

Discover the Convenience of Portable Cattle Scales

Portable scales eliminate the need to transport cattle from one place to another solely for the purpose of weighing them, offering a convenient and efficient way to monitor and manage livestock weight. They bring the scale directly to the animals, whether they are in the field, at different pastures, or in a barn. Thus the challenges of moving animals to a fixed weighing station are reduced or eliminated.

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Portable Cattle Scales for Sale

We bring to you robust, heavy-duty portable cattle scales constructed for precise measurement of cattle, pigs, goats, and more.


Primary features: 

  • Rubberized deck for added traction

  • Enclosed scale with two standard swinging gates

  • Durable all-weather powder paint finish

  • Low profile with a deck height of just six inches

  • Suitable for use on any firm surface with up to a 6% grade

  • Includes junction box for load cells

  • Rubber flooring strip for entry and exit


These portable cattle scales hold NTEP certification in the U.S. and are widely accepted by state agencies. Additionally, they are approved by Measurement Canada for use in Canada. This ensures the scales are heavy-duty, meet the parameters of regulatory authorities, and make it easy for animals to enter and exit safely.


Mobile Cattle Scales for Sale

The distinctive feature that makes mobile cattle scales is that they can efficiently function even at places that are not properly leveled up to three degrees (or 6% off-level). This unique attribute makes it highly flexible. 

Its primary attributes include: 

  • Rubberized deck for enhanced traction

  • Enclosed scale featuring two standard swinging gates

  • Durable all-weather powder coat paint

  • Low deck height of just six inches in weigh mode

  • 12-volt battery pack, rechargeable by a tow vehicle

  • Integrated air pump for air bag suspension adjustment

  • Electric brakes for enhanced control

  • Suitable for use on any firm surface with up to a 6% grade

  • A junction box provided for load cells

  • Rubber flooring strip at entry and exit points

  • Solar panel charger to maintain onboard battery

Why Choose 247Scales? Here’s why: 

Reliability, sturdiness, and durability are the foundation of our Cattle scales. Our equipment is sure to deliver excellent results under pressurizing situations. Facilitating easy usage and innovatively designed, our scales promise longevity. We offer products at great rates to suit a variety of budgets! Remember, if you can measure it easily, you can manage it effectively!  

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