18 Jul

Protect Your Truck Scales from the Snow

A high-quality truck scale should perform reliably for many years to come. This is why we choose to sell Rice Lake Weighing System’s line of SURVIVOR truck scales. These scales are built to perform when you need them, no matter the weather conditions. However, as the climate gets colder, truck scales may be affected with extreme temperatures, snow, and ice. It is important to protect your truck scale before cold weather arrives.  

Why Should you Protect Truck Scales from the Snow? 

  • Water buildup on or around a truck scale can affect accuracy  
  • Snow and ice accumulation can compromise scale function 
  • Incorrect weighments can lead to potential loss of profit 
  • Dirt and debris buildup with added moisture can freeze and prevent your scale from working 

How to Protect your Truck Scale from the Snow 

Snow Removal 

Depending on the amount of snow your location receives, it may be time to consider snow removal services or a power tool designed for this. A plow is not the best choice when dealing with a highly sensitive weighing instrument, like a truck scale. A powered rotary brush or snow blower is less damaging, but could potentially damage the scale deck. The best choice for snow removal would be a snow blower when you receive over 2 inches, so the snow moves away from the scale.  


Snow can sometimes blow under the scale, or ice can build up. This may make the scale incapable of weighing properly and give inaccurate readings. To fix this, you can use hay bales or similar barriers around the scale to prevent snow from entering beneath the scale.  

Steam Cleaning 

Ice buildup can be very dangerous to walk on and potentially damage your truck scales. Using steam-cleaning equipment is the best way to remove ice buildup on a scale and is safer than using chemicals; salt is not recommended for ice removal. Although salt will do the job, salt can cause premature corrosion of steel components.  

These precautions can help increase your scale longevity and ensure proper weighing, year-round. 

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