16 Jul

Truck Scale Site Planning

There are a lot of decisions to consider for planning your truck scale site.

  • The traffic flow of operations
  • The best location for a foundation
  • The electrical and conduit requirements
  • Soil conditions and drainage
  • Ease of maintenance and accessory locations

Before you purchase a truck scale, it is beneficial to draw a map of your current operations and any improvements you would like to make. To keep operations running smoothly, leave enough room for traffic flow on your flow map. Also, make sure there is enough room to perform maintenance on your scale and to accommodate the driver safely.

On your map, be sure to include where trucks enter, load and/or unload material and exit. To test for any tight spots or safety issues, drive a full-size truck around your plotted traffic flow.

Contact us today and we can help you with planning your truck scale site and finding the right truck scale.

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