Continuous Weighing

Weight plays a crucial role in the agriculture and farming industry. Whether you are weighing crop or animals, your income relies on your scale giving you an accurate measurement each time you use it. Scales, Sales and Service offers a variety of scales for agriculture uses. Livestock scales, truck scales, bench scales or any other agricultural scales you need, we have one for you.

Browse our selection of livestock scales and agricultural scales. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or are not sure what type of scale you need, give us a call and we will be able to help guide you to the right scale!

Farm Scales for All Your Weighing Needs

Scales, Sales and Service works with highly rated farm scale companies to provide local farmers with reliable and durable scales for all weighing needs. We have standard farm truck scales and portable farm scales available for all industry sizes and demands. Our Ag scales are versatile to work with other equipment and accessories to better track data management. If you are needing to weigh large or small amounts, we can find and install a scale for you!

Livestock Scales

Weighing livestock is equally as important as weighing other goods. Our livestock scales are some of the most durable scales on the market that will meet and exceed the specific needs of the farming and agriculture industry. We have a variety of portable livestock scales and stationary livestock scales waiting for you! Stop weighing your options and start weighing your livestock with an accurate, reliable, durable, and portable scale from Scales, Sales and Service!

Reliable Ag Scales

Scales, Sales and Service provides accurate, reliable and durable Ag scales for the farming industry. We work with the top livestock scale manufacturers to ensure we are providing our customers with the best scale on the market and one that will fit the industries demands. Our Ag scales are compatible with on-board systems and other data management systems to better help manage and operate your business.

If you are not in the market or financial state to purchase, talk to one of our representatives about renting an Ag scale or livestock scale.

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