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Continuous Weighing

Scales, Sales and Service carries truck scales that are built tough, start to finish. Designed for durable performance, Rice Lake SURVIVOR and Apollo truck scales provide extreme reliability under the most demanding conditions. Whether you are looking to purchase a certified truck scale or are needing to rent a scale, we are the go-to team! Our team is made up of professionally trained and certified technicians that can construct an electronic scale or hydraulic scale with steel, concrete or pit decks.

We partner directly with Rice Lake Weighing Systems as well as Apollo Scales. They are known as the toughest scales on the market today providing you with accurate weights every time. With a built-to-last scale, you will see your long-term investment starting to pay off immediately as you won’t have to worry about under-charging or over-charging the weight of goods. These scales are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions. Rice Lake scales and Apollo Scales are certified truck scales built with more structural steel, superior support and an innovative design feature to provide accurate weighs, less downtime, and longer scale life putting money in your pocket right from the start.


Truck Scale Construction

Purchasing an industrial truck scale is a large investment for any industry. They play a critical part in making sure your business performance is operating to its fullest potential. Purchasing a scale from Scales, Sales, and Service comes with full truck scale construction services. Our team will design truck weighbridge scale suitable for your area and install it ensuring it is accurately weighing all materials that are placed on the scale.

There are many facets a business owner must consider when deciding to purchase an industrial scale. Do you have enough real estate for a pitless scale or will you have to have a pit scale installed? How often will you be using it? Will we have enough space for vehicle maneuvering? All of these questions are something the business owner should consider prior to having a truck scale built. If you don’t think purchasing your own certified scale is something your business needs, no problem! We offer truck scale rentals for businesses for weeks, months, or even years.

Truck Scale Calibration

Businesses rely heavily on their truck scales. Those scales are only valuable if they are reading and producing accurate results. With a scale that is not calibrated properly, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars. Scales, Sales and Service provides truck scale calibration on all brands of truck scales. Take action now and avoid overloading fees later with a truck scale calibration service from Scales, Sales and Service. We have technicians standing by ready to assist you in properly aligning and calibrating your industrial scale. Ask us today about our preventative maintenance program.

Certified Truck Scales

You rely heavily on your truck scale so making sure it is properly calibrated and maintained is vital. All Scales, Sales, and Service scales come with a preventative maintenance plan that provides yearly safety inspections and calibrations ensuring that your scale will perform accurately when you need it most. We work directly with the best-certified truck scale manufacturers on the market today to provide our customers with reliable scales that are built to last.

Scales, Sales, and Service has certified public truck scales located throughout the metro area. Visit a truck stop with one of our public truck scales and get an accurate weight of your vehicle before proceeding on your trip.

Our industrial truck scales are available in a wide range of configurations customized to fit your industry's demands. We provide the scale and conduct the construction as well as perform routine maintenance. With a company that is with you through each step along the way, you can be certain that they know what they are doing!

If your business requires a customized feature, we will work with you to figure out the best possible solution to ensure you are maximizing your scales potential. Our truck scales are versatile and can be paired with a variety of portable truck scales, range indicators, software, and other scale accessories for complete data management. Each truck scale assembled is tested to perform at NIST specifications.

We are a renowned name in the Colorado, Wyoming, and Iowa regions for superior quality truck scales for sale and rent.

For more information on purchasing or renting an industrial truck scale, contact one of our representatives today!