Forklift Weighing System

Continuous Weighing

Eliminate the extra steps in the material handling process with a new forklift scale from Scales, Sales and Service. Forklift scales, or pallet scales, are one of the most cost-effective units of equipment any mass production business could have. These industrial scales allow high output warehouses to put a scale where your product already goes creating a more productive workplace. Designed for tougher industrial environments, an onboard weighing forklift scale is one of the best investments a company could make if you are looking to increase productivity and accuracy. Our pallet scales are safe, reliable and accurate in heavy-use applications. See for yourself why so many businesses are investing in forklift scales.

Pallet Scale Productivity

Pallet scales increase worker productivity by allowing integration of onboard weighing and data management into day-to-day operations without adding extra steps. We work with the best forklift and pallet scale production companies to provide our customers with accurate, reliable scales.

Think of how many trips you are making during your normal shipping procedure. Load the pallet, taking it to be weighed, recording the weight, moving to desired location for loading. Repeat. Industrial pallet scales eliminate the extra trips by allowing you to weigh materials right from the pallet.

Pallet scales give employees the ability to weigh on-board, therefore allowing you to speed up the process of unloading and loading materials. In addition to providing fast and accurate warehouse management, forklift on-boarding scales can provide accurate weight measurements to avoid forklifts from being overloaded.

Increase Warehouse Management

Increase warehouse management with a forklift pallet scale. These scales are made up of state-of-the-art technology providing accurate measurements while increasing overall workplace productivity. Forklift scale loads can be measured in real time eliminating the need to drive each load over to a standalone floor scale to be weighed and back to its desired location.

Durable and Robust

Scales, Sales and Service industrial pallet scales are built to last. They are durable and robust; perfect for businesses who require constant measurements to be taken in large increments. Rest easy knowing that your scale is not only durable but will provide you with accurate results daily. As part of our commitment to our customers, we provide preventative maintenance on all our forklift scales. Our forklift scales are also available for rent, whether you need it for a weeks’ worth of work or a yearlong project, we can set you up with the right forklift scale.

Eliminate the need for extra steps in your material handling process. Instead of bringing product to the scale, put a scale where your product already goes. Scales, Sales and Service has several options for on-board weighing with both lift trucks and pallet jacks.

Contact us today for more information on industrial forklift scales and see how you can start improving warehouse management today!