Continuous Weighing

When it comes to weighing freight, you rely heavily on your rail scale to provide you with accurate weights to ensure you are maximizing profits and not leaving anything on the table. Rail weighing is crucial in every aspect of rail operation. From monitoring product deliveries to avoiding overloading penalties, rail weight is crucial. Scales Sales and Service works with some of the best rail weighing manufacturers to provide rail customers across the United States with accurate, reliable rail scales.

Accurate Weighing for Rail Transportation

No one wants to be faced with high overloading penalties. Scales Sales and Service has rail scales built for every industry. Our team is built from professionally trained and certified rail scale technicians. You can rest easy know that your railroad track scale will be installed properly the first time and provide accurate weighing for rail transportation of all types of goods. Our railroad track scales are installed in the railroad track itself and can be configured to weigh the train-in-motion as the railcar passes over the scale.

Whether you need a portable rail scale for versatility, or are looking for a long-term rail scale, or need to rent a railroad scale for a short period of time, Scales, Sales and Service has you covered. Our scales are all tailored to fit your desired needs and receive routine maintenance every year at no additional cost to you. Avoid the risk of overloading penalties with state laws, turn to Scales Sales and Service rail scales.

Railroad Scale Testing

Scales Sales and Service offers assistance for rail scale testing for railroads in Colorado, Nebraska, and eastward. Many railroads do not offer rail scale testing anymore. Our team of certified rail scale technicians work side by side with engineers and rail scale testing companies  to calibrate railroad track scales.  We can provide a timely response for scale breakdowns and other emergencies leaving you no stress of potential overloading penalties.

Don’t risk your train being overloaded and having to pay high overload fees. Trust Scales Sales and Service to install a reliable, durable, and quality built railroad scale. All our test weights are certified yearly and are NIST traceable so you can rest easy knowing that your scale will be accurate every time you use it.

Contact a rail scale professional today for more information on how Scales Sales and Service rail scales can benefit you.