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To maintain regular operations in your business, weighing scales play a crucial role. They provide accurate measurement by weighing a vehicle with the content regulating the workflow and providing efficiency to your business. Whether you relate to agriculture, construction, manufacturing, logistics, or the food industry, the wide use of truck scales in Iowa can not be overstated.

We at Scales, Sales and Service have come up with a reliable weighing solution in partnership with the leading Rice Lake SURVIVOR and Apollo truck scales. These scales are designed to meet the demanding environment across industries ensuring reliability and accuracy at the same time.

Furthermore, they are built-to-last from high-quality steel maintaining trustworthiness and dependability side by side. You can trust our cutting-edge products equipped with modern technology and innovative design.

Truck Scale Installation in Iowa, US: To Open up the Full Potential

From the very moment you take our services, we start assisting you from installation to operation and maintenance. Our efficient team of professionals conducted the process for truck scale installation in Iowa, US maintaining a high standard of quality. It includes various steps from preparing the site and aligning the scale to testing and calibrating them.

The truck scales can be installed on the floor with ramps or at ground level with the surrounding area. However, the foundation on which they are installed depends on where they are needed and how much traffic they will handle.

With Scales, Sales and Service, get reliable support even after the process of installation. Moreover, we make sure to maintain the full functionality of the industrial truck scales in Iowa, US so it can offer support to your business for years to come.

What Makes Us Apart Among the Top Truck Scale Manufacturers in Iowa, US

Scales, Sales and Service are known to deliver an exceptional range of high-tech truck scales standing us among the top truck scale manufacturers In Iowa, US. Here, you can find out why:

Truck Scale Construction:

Truck scales help any business to optimize its performance. They are widely used in various industries to boost productivity and earning capacity. When you choose us, you gain access to full truck scale construction services.

Our expert team of technicians carefully designs them so they can fit certain areas and requirements. While installing it, we make sure it provides accurate results with all kinds of loads put on it.


Our weighing scales are wonderfully customized to fit your industry’s needs. If you need a specific feature for the special needs of your company, we will closely cooperate with you to find out the best solution. They are designed to save time and can be paired with a variety of portable scales, applications, and additional accessories so you can manage your data most efficiently.

Expert Calibration and Yearly Maintenance:

To maintain the proper functionality of the truck scales and get accurate weighing results, it is important to get expert calibration and yearly maintenance services. We at Scales, Sales and Service solve your problems. We create a proper maintenance plan consisting of annual safety checks and calibration to provide you with the utmost accuracy.

24/7 Assistance:

We take pride in keeping our customers’ priority at the forefront. When you need us, we will be there to assist you. Associating with us opens doors for you to seek help anytime you want. Our reliable 24/7 customer support services help to foster a mutual relationship providing an ever-lasting and impressive experience.

Experience and Precision:

With years of experience in the weighing industry, we are dedicated to serving you better than ever. Our seasoned professionals are equipped with the essential skills to efficiently complete countless installations, calibration, and upkeep processes so, you can get precise results whenever you use these industrial scales.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of accuracy so you can trust us and get a seamless experience. Do not wait too long to get a versatile and trusted weighing solution for your business.

Try our state of the art truck scales by Scales, Sales and Service today and enhance the functionality and efficiency in your business. For more details you can contact us today by using the given details!