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Continuous Weighing

ABS XL Series

The ABS-XL hopper scale is ideally suited for loading out grain, from grain elevators, storage, silos and export terminals. It can also be used as a process scale. Its simple yet solid design makes for easy installation and maintenance.

Control and management by the I410ABS instrumentation system, with the transmitter fixed on the hopper.

  • Bulk Density of the products weighed: 23-70 lb/ bu or 18-53lb/cu.ft.
  • Weighing accuracy: ± 0.1%

Standard Bulk Scale Sizes Provide capacities of up to 110,000 bushels per hour.


The ABS-X hopper scale is designed to automatically weigh dry granular products which flow well in a process, such as grains.

Together with the I 410 ABS control system, the ABS-X is designed for rapid draft cycles to load or unload railcars, barges, ships, or trucks of grain, by-products, or processed goods.

The automatic bulk scale control system is simple to use, with user-friendly interfaces, and user-defined product files. The unit is easy to install and maintain thanks to its simple and robust design, low height and small footprint.

I 410 ABS instrumentation system controls and manages with the transmitter mounted on the scale.

  • Bulk density of the products to be weighed :  23 – 70 lb/bu or 18 – 53  lb/cu.ft.
  • Instrument accuracy: ± 0.1%.

Standard Bulk Scale Sizes Provide capacities of 750 to 7,500 bushels per hour.

ABS BL Retro Fit Bulk Weigher

Direct replacement for a common dual 10, single 15 or single 25-bushel mechanical dump scale. The Retro FIT ABS System is specifically designed to replace the obsolete mechanical dump “estimators”. This allows you to fully utilize the original design of your elevator with very minimal change to the current footprint.

  • Certified, legal-for-trade weights during load-out.
  • Simple low maintenance
  • Certified origin weights (NTEP Approved)
  • Clean, dust-free operation

Standard Bulk Scale Sizes Provide capacities of 2,500 – 20,000 bph.

Self-Check Scale

Load cells are notoriously affected by temperature and time. How do you know when drifts begin to happen? What are the costs of under loading, overloading and downtime to correct the weighing? Got fined? What are the liabilities?

The SCS system offers many advantages as follows: –

  • Due the minimal deformation of the weighing system and installation method of the load cells, the system has an extremely short response and settling time; therefore you do not lose money without knowing it.
  • The results of each independent weighing system are checked automatically.
  • As the checks are carried out during the “no motion” detection time, no additional loss of time and throughput capacity occurs.
  • A warning occurs (and is recorded) when a small drift between the two channel is detected. The SCS system can be used to rapidly switch to the ok channel, without stopping the weighing operation until the corrections are made.
  • Both Master and Slave measurement units being commissioned in Legal for Trade, switching from one to the other will continue the loading operation in approved Legal Trade conditions.
  • The redundant and fully automatic system provides reduced maintenance costs and keeps down-time to an absolute minimum.