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To make rail operations smoother, accurate weight measurement is very important. It helps to ensure the under-control expenses and on-time product deliveries. Also, correct rail weighing aids in avoiding heavy fines due to overloading making everything seamless. To ensure accuracy in rail weighing, the right way is to find the perfect weight solution.

At Scales Sales and Service, you get high-quality and reliable rail scales to measure freight or cargo on trains. We have collaborated with some of the top rail-weighing suppliers to provide you with the top-notch rail scales in Wyoming. We can assist you in selling, repairing, and installing the scales available from light to heavy categories. To meet your business needs in the rail transportation industry, you can rely on our top-class weighing products today!

Your Go-to Solution for a Safe Rail Scale Installation in Wyoming, US

No one wants to reduce the profitability of their businesses by getting heavily fined. Our railroad track scales have the endurance to provide exceptional functionality in all conditions. The scales we provide are made with sturdy steel ensuring the stability of the weighbridges.

Moreover, we have our expert team of certified technicians for accurate Rail Scale Installation in Wyoming, US to meet all weighing needs for rail transportation. These scales are installed directly into the rail track itself to measure the train carrying heavy content. So, get reliable weighing solutions At Scales Sales and Service and contribute to controlling your company’s costs and enhancing safety standards.

What Makes Us the Best-in-class Rail Scale Manufacturers In Wyoming, US

Scales Sales and Service is one of the leading rail scale manufacturers In Wyoming, US. Here is how:

Customized Solutions: We offer tailored solutions to meet your business needs. Here you can get high-quality portable scales for flexible train operations. We also have durable scale options catering to those who need a long-lasting solution. Moreover, we also provide services to customers who seek rental scales for their short-term requirements.

Expert Installation with Yearly Maintenance:

Our seasoned professionals carefully complete the installation process so you do not feel any glitches in the functionality. Furthermore, while collaborating with us, you get yearly maintenance services at no additional cost.

Accurate Weighing Solution:

We take pride in providing certified and high-quality railroad track scales so you can avoid costly overloading fines. Our products help you to follow the rules and regulations in every state leading to increasing productivity and profitability.

Reliable Customer Support:

Our main objective is to provide you with the utmost satisfaction with our product. At Scales Sales and Service, you get the needed support from the very moment you join us. You can contact us 24/7 for any assistance you want.

Calibration for Rail Scales:

Not every manufacturing company does this as we do. While investing in our rail scales, you get reliable support for railroad testing. However, this service is available in Eastward, Nebraska, and Colorado where our experienced team efficiently collaborates with testing firms and engineers for the calibration process. It helps you to boost the efficiency of your business maintaining safety expectations all around the state.


Not just like that we are the leading manufacturing company. We take pride in having over 160 years of collaborative experience in delivering high-quality rail scales. They are NIST traceable so you get accurate results whenever you use them.

So, do not wait too long to make the rail weighing hassle-free with Scales, Sales and Service! Contact us today for top-notch rail weighing solutions and avail yourself of the many benefits!