Benefits of Mobile Weighing for Animals | Truck Scales For Sale
20 Jul

Benefits of Mobile Weighing for Animals

Weighing livestock is essential for farmers and ranchers. There are many types of livestock scales to consider and they all vary based on your application needs. If you sell or travel frequently with your livestock, having a durable mobile scale is a necessity.  

That is why we choose to sell Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ MAS-M mobile livestock scale. The MAS-M is a reliable animal weighing scale that was made with the physical demands of remote weighing in mind. This scale provides Legal for Trade measurements, even when the scale is placed off-level by up to 6%. 

We believe that the MAS-M pays for itself by saving money from shrink loss. Shrink is the difference in weight value from the pickup location to the actual destination it is delivered to. More shrink means less profit.  

Travel has the greatest impact on livestock shrinkage so you have to consider the amount of weight the animal will lose on their way to their destination. It is an unavoidable result of moving animals from one place to their end destination.  

Not only will the MAS-M scale save you money, it has a durable design that will last for years to come.  This scale has a rubberized deck and steel pen sides suspended on load cells at four points within a mobile base frame. It is also easy to use and has a low platform to make loading animals safe and efficient.  

If you have any questions about livestock scales, contact us and our experienced staff will help you find the best solution! 

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