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5 Considerations when Purchasing a Livestock Scale
23 Jul

5 Considerations when Purchasing a Livestock Scale

Weighing livestock is essential for farmers and ranchers. When purchasing a livestock scale, your choices will vary based on your needs. Whether you are selling cattle or simply caring for your animals’ welfare, finding the perfect livestock scale can be quite difficult. 


Whether you are selling hogs, cattle or other livestock, minimizing shrink will maximize profits. When transporting livestock, you must consider the amount of weight the animal will lose en route to the destination. Depending on the distance, weather and stress, shrink can be anywhere from 7-8% when the animal is transported to an offsite scale. To reduce this shrink, the scale should instead be brought to the animal, which will help maximize profits for every transaction. 


You should consider whether a mobile, portable or stationary scale will best fit your weighing needs. A mobile livestock scale with wheels is transported to your livestock by attaching it to the hitch of a vehicle. Furthermore, a portable livestock scale is loaded into a trailer and then brought to the location of the livestock. Generally, a stationary livestock scale is installed at a central location on a concrete platform, which is permanent and efficient. 


Livestock scales come in many different shapes and sizes. Some scales are large enough to encompass multiple animals, while others can only weigh a single animal at a time. It is important to consider the scale’s capacity and the space needed for your livestock. In the case of livestock being medically evaluated, a single animal scale like the SAS would be sufficient. However, if you want to quickly weigh a part of the herd before they are sold, a multiple animal scale like the MAS-LC would be the best option. 


It is important to consider the required approvals when using your scale to weigh livestock, both for sale and herd health. To legally sell livestock based on weight, the scale must be Legal for Trade. To be considered Legal for Trade, the scale platform must be regularly certified by technicians, which our team can provide you with. However, if the scale is only being used to monitor the health of the livestock, then Legal for Trade may not be necessary. 


Ultimately, you should always consider the general welfare of your livestock. An on-site scale would help you monitor abnormalities in weight and determine if medication is needed. Furthermore, if an animal is sick, you would be able to provide the veterinarian with an accurate weight, which will therefore, produce an accurate medical diagnosis. 

Scales Sales & Service LLC is licensed and certified in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming. We offer a variety of livestock scales to fit your weighing needs and 24/7 emergency support. Our company is dedicated to every measure, performing the art of this industry the right way the first time.