Grain Dumps in Vehicle Scales Boost Efficiency
21 Jul

Grain Dumps in Vehicle Scales Boost Efficiency

Incorporating grain dumps into truck scales is a great way to add efficiency to grain receiving processes for facilities handling corn, soybeans and more. Truck drivers can pull onto the scale and open trailer belly gates so contents are weighed and unloaded in one step. 

What to Know about Grain Dump Scales 

Typically, grain dump truck scales are installed above a pit where a collection hopper is located. Collection equipment can’t be connected directly to your scale and a rigid connection prevents the scale from accurately capturing weight. We will help you work with a millwright to choose a flexible canvas or rubber boot to connect the grain dump to collection equipment. A flexible boot helps ensure system accuracy while reducing the amount of dust during grain dumping. 

Grain dump grating is an option for a variety of truck scale models, though not all manufacturers offer this option. That’s why we work with Rice Lake Weighing Systems and offer their SURVIVOR® series truck scales with either steel or concrete decks and integrated grain dump grating. SURVIVOR truck scales are designed with steel I-beams running the length of the scale, even with grain dump grating installed, ensuring weighbridge structural integrity. 

Grating can be removable or fixed. Fixed grating is welded in place on the scale deck, meaning access to collection equipment must be available from the hopper pit. Some facilities may have manholes integrated into the scale deck for access while others plan for alternate access points. Removable grating allows you to access collection equipment from the scale deck. Some models may allow grating to be hinged while others are completely removable.  

Our experienced team can help you create the perfect truck scale grain dump system for your needs. Because there are so many configurations available for grain dump truck scales, we will help you work with manufacturers to ensure you understand the specifics of the model you’re interested in. 

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