Truck Scales for Agriculture
24 Jul

Truck Scales for Agriculture

Livestock and vehicle scales need to provide reliable performance under the demanding conditions of the agriculture industry. These scales should be designed with innovative features to support consistent accuracy, less downtime and longer scale life. 

That’s why we offer SURVIVOR® AG Series scales from Rice Lake Weighing Systems. The SURVIVOR AG incorporates more structural steel for superior strength and durability. Using a self-checking mounting system, SURVIVOR AG scales eliminate the need for check rods and bumper bolts, improving accuracy and durability. 

The AG is a two-section scale that can be used for a variety of livestock and vehicle weighing needs with a capacity of 30,000 pounds. Top access to load cells allows our technicians to quickly inspect load cells and mounts during routine maintenance, minimizing downtime. The standard concrete platform provides reliable traction for animals and vehicles alike in all conditions. The AG is ideal for standard, rectangular pens up to 15 feet wide and 43 feet long. 

If your application requires more flexibility in the shape of the scale, we would recommend the SURVIVOR LV. The LV has the superior strength and advantageous features of the AG, but with shape options that make it ideal for a variety of cattle barns. The LV is a three-section scale with a capacity of 70,000 pounds. It can be configured in a range of shapes including rectangles, circles, semicircles and anything in between with widths up to 22 feet and lengths up to 40 feet. 

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