Comprehensive Guide About Industrial Floor Scale!
Comprehensive Guide About Industrial Floor Scale
03 Jul

Comprehensive Guide About Industrial Floor Scale

Handle the heaviest load with floor scale! These heavy-duty, reliable, accurate scales promise to deliver trust-worthy performance even during the most demanding circumstances. By the end of this blog, you will be aware of everything regarding industrial floor scales. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

What is industrial floor scale? 

Typically used for industrial purposes, these scales are large in size and sturdy. These are constructed for floor placement have possess a platform where items can be placed for easy weighing. 

Need to measure objects that weigh over a ton? If so, the floor scale is an ideal choice. Their maximum capacity ranges between 165.35 pounds to 1322.77 pounds. Moreover, it can weigh weight as little as 0.011 pounds. Easy to set, they take up less space and guarantee to deliver precise results. 

The demands of an industry differ from regular consumer types and to withstand industrial wear and tear these are built from high-quality stainless steel or aluminum material to keep on offering steller performance smoothly.    

To meet specific requirements, floor scales are available in several sizes and shapes. You can choose from: 

  • Platform scales- these are placed directly on the floor. 

  • Above-ground scales- these are lifted off the ground employing a supported structure. 

  • Portable scales- these are designed with wheels facilitating easy movement.

  • Mechanical scales- these are the simplest types of scales featuring a spring-loaded lever system. They run without any batteries or electricity and deliver consistent results. 

Added features and accessories that make these scales more functional include: 

  • Easy-to-clean construction  

  • Integrated label printer or percentage weighing capabilities

  • A printer can be attached to the scales, so users can print out the readings quickly, hence it aids in maintaining proper records. 

  • To streamline the data analysis process, you can install a specific software as per your industry type. 

  • To keep the scale well-maintained, neat, and clean, platform covers can be added. This not only helps save the equipment from dirt and debris but also helps the user in recording the weight readings.

  • A relay box can be connected to the scale, this is particularly beneficial for areas with poor lighting and noise issues. This box sends signals to the light tower when a specific weight is reached. This setup ensures clear communication and visibility, improving accuracy and productivity in such conditions.

Thus, users can complete multiple tasks saving on costs and space. 

Uses Of Industrial Floor Scales 

The first and foremost use of industrial scales is to weigh raw materials, finished goods, or containers. Their large platform size makes them suitable for industrial usage. 

These equipment are expert at performing repetitive tasks such as measuring multiple pallets of products. In addition to industrial purposes, these are also suitable to be used by veterinarians and farmers to measure animals and livestock.

Advantages Of Floor Scales

Quick results

In the current era, time is money! Industries need to pace up to be in the race. With these scales, you get quick results due to its digital indicator which means faster operations, reduced turnaround time, and higher productivity.


These scales provide precise results at every use till the last of its lifetime. 


These can fit in various facilities starting from manufacturing plants to shipping centres. And can easily weight the lowest to highest amount of weights.


Constructed out of heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel, and aluminum, these are designed to deliver lasting performance with unparalleled ease. 

Easy to operate and maintain

Designed straightforwardly, these scales facilitate easy installation, usage, and maintenance.

About Scales, Sales, and Services! 

Floor scales are a top choice for measuring different items smoothly. These provide accurate readings, are durable, and can be attached with multiple accessories adding to their functionality. 

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