A Comprehensive Guide on How To Properly Use The Cattle Scales
18 Jun

A Comprehensive Guide on How To Properly Use The Cattle Scales

Cattle scales are an inevitable part of various industries such as farming, veterinary medicine, and animal husbandry. These are specialized weighing devices designed specifically for animals such as sheep, pigs, horses, and other livestock. 

Importance of Cattle Scales! 

These equipment also known as livestock scales play a key role in determining the health and well-being of animals by providing accurate weight measurements. By using these results, you can better understand and take care of the animals. Also, regularly weighing the animals has the following advantages:

  • Allows you to timely monitor the growth rate of the animals

  • Aids early and easy detection of any signs of illness or malnutrition in cattle 

  • Let’s you rightly adjust the feeding regimens

  • Enables you to assess overall health conditions with ease

With this proactive approach, you can prevent any potential health issues and easily optimize animal care practices. Therefore, Cattle scales must be used accurately to ensure reliable data. However, inaccurate use of livestock scales can lead to unreliable data, potentially resulting in incorrect assessments and ineffective management strategies.

Here are the key steps to ensure the proper use of cattle scales:

Using the right Livestock Scale

Your business relies on accurate results to make well-informed decisions, and you can only obtain perfect readings from an appropriate scale. The size of the scale should be by the quantity of livestock being weighed.

If the scale is small it may overcrowd the animals and affect the accuracy of the measurements. On the other hand, if it's too large, it may not provide precise readings for smaller groups of animals.

Ensuring Stability of the Scale

Making sure the scale is stable is important because animals can move unexpectedly, especially when they are being weighed. A stable scale ensures that measurements are accurate and reduces the chances of the animal or the person weighing them getting hurt.

Therefore, it is crucial to invest in a heavy-duty scale with proper installation and added features such as an anti-slip platform.  

Consider portable cattle scales

Using a portable livestock scale makes it easier on the animals since they don't have to be moved as often. This helps prevent them from losing weight due to stress and keeps the measurements accurate and consistent.

Additionally, portable cattle scales are especially helpful for farmers who have a lot of animals across big areas of land.

Keeping the animals comfortable 

The animals must be comfortable during the weighing process to get accurate readings and for their well-being as well. In addition to creating a calming environment with adequate space and minimal noise, the choice of weighing equipment also plays a significant role.

Digital hanging scales will prove to be a gentle choice for weighing animals, especially for those who get nervous in cages. With these scales, the animals don't need to be locked up, which helps reduce stress. Additionally, these scales are portable, we can often weigh the animals in the places they are familiar with, which makes them feel more at ease.

Keep the scale clean

The neatness of the scale is paramount. It’s because anything like dirt or animal waste can affect the readings. In addition to inaccurate results, dirt and debris can make the animals sick. 


Following the above-mentioned points, ensure that cattle scales are used perfectly, giving precise results and keeping the animals safe and healthy.

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